Candles with a mood – Family activity on camping


Do you take candles with you during your camping trips? Why not make them as a family activity! You can observe with your children physical principles in action and you can decorate the candles according to everyone’s preferences.

The smell of the scented candle stimulates the brain area that controls the mood. From stimulating energy to relieving stress, the properties of scented candles can have positive effects… especially during long evenings around your camper with family & friends!

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The KIT contains 400g of soy wax, two candle holders, 5 waxes of waxed cotton, 23 ml of scented oil, 5 g of dye, mini tel, two wooden hooks, decorations, 2 labels to personalize your candle and execution instructions.

From these quantities you can make two candles in the intended jars but with extra wax, we encourage you to recycle containers that you no longer use as a cup or glass. You can see in our instructional video that we even used orange peel.


  • Contraindicated for children under 6 years.
  • Please supervise and assist your child while using this product.


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