Sensory Travel LapPad for Kids


Is your child struggling to enjoy long road trips or focus on homework?

Sensory Travel LapPad for Kids offers the same sensory effects as a weighted blanket with a role in calming children and reducing stress, but in a much more portable version, most suitable to families with children on the road.

The product can also be integrated in the treatment of children with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, sleep disorders or other symptoms.

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The Sensory Travel LapPad for Kids resembles a heavy pillow ideal for providing sensory stimulation to children.

Designed especially for kids, in addition to the pressure offered, Sensory Travel LapPad has a pleasant to the touch cover, with an embossed texture and playful patterns.

It measures 40cmX60cm, to fit in the feet or on the back of the little ones when they feel the need to calm down. It weighs about 1.8 kg and is designed for children weighing between 15 kg and 25 kg.

Sensory Travel LapPad is a product designed and produced in the European Union from high quality ecological materials, hypoallergenic, non-toxic. To give weight to the blanket we used dried and processed cherry seeds in Germany especially for this type of use. The cover is made of two layers for extra security, the interior being made of 100% cotton and the exterior is made of soft, embossed fabric. All this, together with the attention to detail, make this product sustainable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

This product can be machine washed.


  • Sensory LapPad is not recommended for babies or children under 13kg!
  • If cut, the product contains small pieces that can be swallowed or inhaled, with a risk of suffocation.
  • Keep product packaging out of the reach of small children.
  • Remove any packaging of the product before giving the product to the child.
  • Please supervise your baby while using this product.
  • Keep instructions and labels for future reference.
  • Keep the product away from fire, protect the toy / product from high temperatures and humidity.


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