Top 10 destinations to visit in Europe with a camper in 2024 

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Here are our top 10 destinations to visit in Europe with your camper during 2024 :

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Number 10: Cassis, France

This little fishing harbor offers its visitors a glimpse of Provence and the Mediterranean. You can come with your campervan either at the campsite or in a paid parking lot in the upper streets of this cosy and delicate city. Beware not to drive your campervan all the way down to the harbour as the narrow streets might prove to be challenging and there are no motorhome parking spaces near the coast.

Cassis has attracted a large number of artists, therefore works depicting the port, village, and surrounding landscapes are on show in some of the greatest museums around the world.

Number 9: Lapland, Finland

Driving a campervan around Finland is a great way to experience the natural beauty and urban landscape of a most amazing country. Situated in the north of Finland, in Lapland you will find a winter wonderland with many options of unique experiences such as dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and needless to say, the famous Northern Lights.

While in Lapland, make sure you don’t miss the reindeer stew or the smoked salmon which here it tastes unique. If you love sweets, we recommend the cloudberry jam or leipajuusto (Finnish cheese curds). Cloudberry wine is definitely something to add to an unforgettable dinner experience!

Number 8: Lagos, Portugal

Portugal is an all-time favorite countries for vanlifers. Best known for its stunning beaches, historic sites, and vibrant cities, there are plenty of experiences waiting for you in Lagos and the Albufeira region during your trip to Portugal. Make sure you don’t miss the whitewashed Old Town from Lagos!

There are 13 ACSI approved campsites in Lagos. Free camping is also possible in the car park behind the Meia Praia beach but only during the off-season. Be advised that wild camping is illegal in the Algarve, also the police and local authorities generally tolerate sensible wild camping outside of the summer period.

Number 7: Cáceres, Spain

Walking along the narrow-cobbled streets of Cáceres makes you feel like a time traveler. Cáceres is a World Heritage City with Roman, Moorish, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture. By far, we find this to be one of the prettiest historic town centers of Spain. Moreover, the walls contain a medieval town setting that has been used by many television shows and films.

The region of Cáceres offers plenty of campsites and nearby the old town there is a free Área de Autocaravanas. If you intend to spend the night there, please note it can be noisy during the night so it might be a good idea to spend the night in a campsite nearby.

Number 6: Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a charming medieval city. Its number one attraction is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town with narrow, cobbled streets, and mysterious courtyards and archways. If you visit the Niguliste Museum you can have an amazing view of the Old Town with views over the city from every angle!

There are campsites you can choose from, but also wild camping is generally allowed in Estonia. Both the authorities and residents are very tolerant of wild campers if you are discrete and polite.

Number 5: Krakow, Poland

Kraków is one of the most surprising cities in Europe with rich history and beautiful architecture. Within the Main Market Square you’ll be amazed of the 14th-century Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica and the 16th-century Renaissance Cloth Hall. Explore the Wawel Royal Castle and the Museum of Contemporary Art or take a day trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, visiting its underground chambers and lakes.

Over two million tourists visit Krakow every year, not only because of the city itself but also because it’s in the proximity of the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

Number 4: Bruges, Belgium

Whether you intend to have a picnic in Queen Astrid Park, or linger on the Boniface Bridge, your family trip here will be one to remember. The city is rather small, from one end to the other it’s a 30 minutes walk. While enjoying the views you may also indulge yourself with delicious chocolate in artisans shops.

The Kanaaleiland at the Bargeweg offers an excellent camping site for at least 57 camping cars all year round. The site is located by the ring surrounding Bruges giving you easy access to the city. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make prior reservations.

Number 3: Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre (meaning “Five Lands”) is a popular tourist destination in northwestern Italy, comprising five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages and the surrounding hills are part of the Cinque Terre National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You cannot get to Cinque Terre villages with a motorhome. We recommend that you choose a campsite in an area nearby, with easy access to the train station. The “Cinque Terre Train Card” gives you access to hiking trails along with unlimited train travel on the Cinque Terre lines. Camping prices may vary depending on location and amenities.

Number 2: Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is a popular summer destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, paragliding, and white-water rafting. Enjoy amazing views of the Swiss Alps, visit the Trummelbach Falls, or take a boat ride on Lake Brienz but don’t miss the opportunity to try traditional Swiss dishes such as fondue or raclette.

Please note it is not permitted to spend the night in motorhomes outside of official campsites. Wild camping in the Interlaken region is forbidden but there are almost 60 campsites affiliated to ACSI and many others on the spot.

Number 1: Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a beautiful destination for summer travel, the magic of the lake attracting travelers from around the world. You can explore the charming island, count the stairs and climb Ojstrica or marvel at some of the most amazing panoramic views. Bled Castle is the oldest of its kind in Slovenia, many cultural events taking place on the castle’s courtyard. As local cuisine, don’t forget to try the cream cake – kremna rezina.

RV parking is available on Kajuhova cesta road for a capacity of 22 RVs. Overnight stays are permitted. Price between EURO 20 and 40 per 24 hours depending on the season. Water and electric energy consumption as well as internet use are included. Parking RVs through the day is also possible at the Bled Jezero railway station (EURO 10/day) and at parking lot Blejski grad (EURO 3/hour). RVs cannot be parked elsewhere around Bled. Beside the parking area for RVs, overnight stays are also possible in the Bled camp.

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