Trollstigen – The Troll’s Road – a unique adventure in Norway

TzubyCAMPERS Norway Trollstigen – The Troll’s Road – a unique adventure in Norway

Trollstigen – The Troll’s Road is a spectacular mountain road in Rauma, Norway. It is part of the Reinheimen National Park and it is a popular tourist attraction due to its 11 steep 10% slopes.

During the season, it is transited by about 2,500 vehicles every day, many of them being campers of tourists visiting Norway. Although several road bends were widened between 2005 and 2012, vehicles over 12.4 meters in length are prohibited from driving on this road.

On the plateau at the top of the mountain there is a landscaped car park and several panoramic spaces from which you can see the winding road and the Stigfossen waterfall.

Trollstigen Camping offers decent facilities for an overnight stay. The cost for a camper is approx. 24 Euro (NOK 240). Showers are available to tourists on the basis of an access card which costs 2 Euro.

A normal operating season lasts from mid-May to October, but can sometimes be shorter or longer, depending on the weather. Trollstigen is closed in the fall and winter.

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